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Zlevor Family Photos | Lake Wandewega | Elkhorn, WI

Kelly reached out to me for a family session at her lovely neighborhood beach, Lake Wandewega. As a photographer it is usually my job to scout out a spot for a photo session. I really never mind doing this as I like to hike and find cool spots for a session that are unique to the family I am photographing, but I gotta say there was a little bit of relief to not have to do that for once! This little spot by the lake has sentimental value to them. It is where their home is and where they make memories as a family.

I drove out a bit early to meet up with the Zlevor's at their home. They were so warm and welcoming and the boys were silly and very energetic, as young children usually are! Their oldest just started kindergarten and was so excited to tell me all about it! We then drove down to the lake and it was just one of those autumn Wisconsin days where the air is crisp, but a bit humid at the same time. It was actually perfect for splashing around in the water which the kids wasted no time in doing! These guys were naturals at getting their photo taken, and I'm sure it helped immensely that they were at their own stompin' grounds! They raced, found some shells on the shore, built little castles and got the best tickles from mom and dad!

I may have gotten a little wetter than anticipated by a certain three year old, but it all made for some great shots and fun! Kelly, her husband Don and their two boys are incredibly easy going and I truly had a blast telling their story! The session just had such a natural feel to it which really reflected in the photographs that I captured. I absolutely loved the moment when Kelly swept up her oldest during a sensitive moment and made everything all better. It was so sweet and shows a beautiful mother and son bond that I can relate to 100%.

Even though the day was a bit gloomy, the sunshine cracked through the clouds and made some magic for them!

On that note, I will leave you with my new favorite joke that I learned from a very silly and sweet five year old…

Why did the pie go to the dentist? (scroll to the bottom to see the answer)

Because he needed a filling!

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