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Hawthorn Hollow Senior Session | Kenosha WI Photographer

When I got the inquiry to do a senior session with the aesthetic of "Edwardian Goth," well I darn near pooped my pants. This was actually the second senior session I've ever shot. But I knew I HAD to do this one and I am beyond excited that they found me! We chatted over email, tried to meet up for coffee (the coffee joint was closed) but met in a park to get to know each other and discuss ideas. We clicked right away! Ya see, I was a weirdo in high school. I hated everyone and got my senior portraits done in a graveyard (respectfully.) And I don't have a huge desire to do senior portraits at all because they come off as pretty posed and disingenuous. But if I could find the outcasts and misfits to do senior pictures for, I think I would be pretty dang happy! Natalie is as authentic as they come. I don't see this as a passing phase, it is a lifestyle. She spends her time learning about history and antiquing. Many of the items she wore for her senior session were either found in an antique store or family heirlooms. She didn't want to smile for her pictures, and I was totally fine with that. As a matter of fact I much preferred it that way because I think these portraits turned out stoic and artistic. She wasn't afraid to be exactly who she is and I think that truly showed in these photographs!

Monica Storey Photography | Senior Photography | Hawthorn Hollow, Kenosha, WI

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