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Muur Lifestyle Family Photos | Burlington, WI Photographer

I've been doing the Muur's family photos for close to two years. In fact, they were some of my very first clients!

Rachel's sister in law actually contacted me to do newborn photos for the Muurs after a failed attempt at getting newborn photos done at a store. Rachel contacted me shortly after and it was the day after Christmas when I first met them and did their newborn daughters photos. We had ourselves a relaxed, lifestyle newborn session and from there on out I was capturing their daughters milestones and doing family photos for them as well! Milestone photos are some of my favorite sessions to do! It is so much fun to capture those first smiles and giggles, to see how many more chunky rolls they’ve grown, and the ever exciting early waddling around days! Their baby girl was and is one of the smiley-est and happiest babies I've ever met!

Milestone photos are also awesome because it gives me the opportunity to really get to know the family better than just a one session a year type of thing. The Muurs are super duper sweet and the more sessions I do with them, the more their guard comes down and I can capture the real, authentic moments between them.

This session was just that plus loads of fun! They are expecting baby #3 early next year, so soon they will officially be outnumbered. The kids personalities were definitely shining during this session. Their son was a tad shy at first, but after a few minutes, and a few times being thrown up into the air (sorry about your back, dad) he opened up and was SO sweet and silly.

Nobody was quite as silly as his little sister though! She is a goon of epic proportions and still as smiley as ever! Their bond is so special and I bet they are going to make an awesome big brother/big sister team to the little brother that is on the way!

At the end of the session with just enough light left in the day, I was also able to capture a few fun and intimate photos of just mom and dad together. I hope that they can manage to find some time for just each other before the chaos of having another baby sets in. Can't wait to meet him and capture more moments of this lovely family!

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