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In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul.
-Lisa T. Shepherd-

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A little bit about me…


I'm Monica but I go by Mo! I am a mother to a wild tribe of three kids (that's us above), wife to the most supportive man and a lifestyle photographer. I like my coffee black and my music LOUD! Don't be surprised if I turn on music during our session to get into the groove! I thrive on nature and I love adventure but am a true homebody at heart. I have always been drawn to creative pursuits. My interest in Photography began as a child but my journey through motherhood is really where the passion took off! Motherhood has shown me how fleeting every moment is. Capturing the emotions, connections, and sometimes mundane details in day to day life is a sincere joy of mine. I find the most beautiful moments are the ones unscripted. There is magic in those moments and beauty in the chaos. I aim to document life as authentically as possible. To tell your story in a moment in time, no matter how fleeting.

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Dad throwing little girl in the air. Clouds in the blue sky with the sun shining through them. Some trees are on the bottom of the photo. Little girl is wearing a watermelon swimsuit and pink sunhat. Dad is wearing black shirt and has long hair.