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Storey Books | Maternity Session | White River County Park, WI

"May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

My first maternity shoot is in the books and I don't think I could be any happier! I've been craving a session just like this and having it come to fruition makes my heart so happy. The day originally called for thunderstorms, but turned out to be the perfect sunny evening! We met up at White River County Park which was the perfect location for this wild and outdoorsy family. A strong and glowing woman, carrying her baby and connecting with her family in their natural habitat. This sweet momma is expecting their second son in just a few short weeks. There's an energy beaming from all of them as they anticipate the arrival of their next baby. They're embracing the last moments of being a family of three, while also anxiously and excitedly awaiting to grow and become a family of four. I remember that feeling so well. Being able to capture and preserve this big moment in their lives was nothing short of magical. They simply just lived in that moment, and I had the opportunity to be there and not just capture it, but be a part of their experience. We may have been eaten alive by mosquitoes in the process, but it was so worth it! In the river, we took the lead of their son, Harrison. He knew just what to do…wade in the water with mom and dad, collect rocks and throw them, pocket shells and just feel the natural flow and rhythm of the river. These details are what they're going to look back on someday and treasure. This time goes by so fast and growth and change is coming up quick. There's something about raising a family that makes you truly be present and mindful!

Getting some one on one with this beautiful mama was icing on the cake! While dad and Harrison walked around, we snuck to the wildflowers and found those golden pockets of light. Pregnancy is such a surreal experience and documenting this time of her life was an absolute delight! Pregnancy and birth, motherhood and beyond, it's such a treasured time. It gives me all the feels! And as a mom of two little boys, I know that these two are in for a wild and wonderful adventure!

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